The Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO)

The Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) is an ICT association of Asia and Oceania. Consisting of 24 countries, namely AUSTRALIA, BANGLADESH, BHUTAN, BRUNEI, CAMBODIA, HONG KONG, INDIA, INDONESIA, JAPAN, KOREA, LAOS, MACAU, MALAYSIA, MONGOLIA, MYANMAR, NEPAL, NEW ZEALAND, PAKISTAN, PHILIPPINES, SINGAPORE, SRI LANKA, TAIWAN, THAILAND, and VIETNAM. All of this is a confederation of Asian economic zones. And Oceania Every year, the ASOCIO Summit is held as a revolving annual meeting according to member countries. And will organize seminars for important trends in the parallel digital world The seminar will be held at ASOCIO Smart City Summit. In 2019, Thailand is honored to host the conference. Thai Information Technology Industry Association Has realized that the meeting will be very beneficial to the mission of the Digital Ministry for economy and society. In the driving of Smart City (or Smart City) and as an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and experiences between senior executives as well. Smart City or Smart City Considered a project by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Aim to develop in Thailand according to Thailand policy. 4. Government by linking the city with technological infrastructure and innovation. To facilitate and increase Quality of life of people in society As well as efficient use of resources By linking the structure system The foundation of the city with the digital technology system for city management with maximum efficiency Which is located on The basis of participation from all sectors in the society to solve problems and meet the needs of the area efficiently and effectively in a sustainable manner. Therefore has organized the ASOCIO Smart City Summit 2019


  1. To promote the use of digital technology For sustainable development of intelligent cities
  2. To be a learning platform to learn and understand the development of the city to be a sustainable Smart City.
  3. To be able to apply knowledge about Smart City to apply to the local.
  4. To develop a vision for urban development from case studies, various agencies both at home and abroad.
  5. To meet, exchange knowledge and understanding as well as to develop into a wide society.